Exotic Car Transport

It takes an experienced car shipping company to know how to handle exotic vehicle shipping.  The crazier the vehicle, the more skills it takes to transport it safely.


iShipCar was founded by car enthusiasts who all own and love exotic vehicles.  We actually got into the business because we needed a better way to get our exotic cars to shows around the country.  Ten years later, iShipCar is one of the largest exotic car transportation companies in the United States.

When shipping an exotic, show, or low-riding vehicle, the primary concern is loading the car safely and protection while the car is being transported.  Our trailers are equipped with a ground-level loading system designed to load vehicles to the truck without the incline loading method of traditional car haulers.  iShipCar has a fleet of hard-cover enclosed car haulers that ship exotic sports cars all over the country.

Do you own an exotic vehicle? Are you worried about finding a company that you can rely on to ship your vehicle safely? Here at iShipCar, we have the solution. We understand that your exotic car is valuable. We know that you want someone who will handle your vehicle as if it was their own. That is why we offer exotic car transport, using our most experienced, professional drivers who specialize in loading, shipping and unloading exotic vehicles.

Our drivers are licensed and bonded, and have transported hundreds of valuable exotic cars for clients around the world. They understand how important it is to deliver the vehicle in the same condition they received it, and they take the time to safely secure your vehicle with the necessary tie-downs for transport.

You can be sure that choosing iShipCar.com for your exotic car transport is the best choice for service, safety, and reliability. We offer enclosed shipping that will keep your jewel free of dust, road debris, and bad weather. If you have any questions about our exotic car transporting services give us a call.


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