Frequently Asked Questions

We strive for full disclosure and absolute transparency. We want every single one of our customers to understand every facet of the shipping process.

Will my vehicle be fully insured while it is being shipped?

Yes. Your vehicle will be fully covered while it is being transported. However, this coverage does not extend to rocks that might fly up off the highway or damage caused by Mother Nature, such as hail. If you are looking to avoid these risks, you might consider shipping your vehicle in an enclosed carrier. Ask one of our reps and we can price that for you.

How long will it take for my vehicle to get here?

Drivers can legally drive no more than 11 hours per day. So take the time it takes to drive your route and calculate it that way. Also allow for a full day to pickup and a full day to deliver. The reason is because the trucks will have other vehicles on there they have to load and unload and you never really know where your vehicle will fall in that order.

Do you trucks have GPS tracking?

Yes. We’re able to track our trucks wherever they are and can give you up to the minute updates on the status of your shipment.

Should I tip my driver?

Drivers work a lot harder than you might think. Loading and unloading vehicles is not easy task. If you feel he did a good job, he would really appreciate anything extra. As for the amount, treat it the same way you would a restaurant.

Can I load my car down with luggage, or furniture, or clothes?

We allow up to 100 pounds of extra stuff in the car, so long as it doesn’t obstruct the driver and passenger seats. If you want to include more, there will be an extra charge.

Will the truck drop off my vehicle to my house?

They’re going to try their hardest… but a lot of residential streets are not suited for 18-wheeler access. In situations where the driver can’t get the truck to your front door, he will contact you and arrange an alternative drop spot, such as a shopping center parking lot.

How will I know when my vehicle is arriving or being picked up? Can I specify the time?

Our drivers will typically get in touch with you 24 hours before they arrive. They want the exchange to go as quickly as possible, so making you aware of their arrival time is in their interest so that they know you are ready. Unfortunately, these sorts of deliveries are not able to be pinpointed with much accuracy due to traffic, weather, and the situation with other vehicles on the truck… but we’ll do the best we can to accommodate you.

What do I need to do to prepare my car for shipping?

Make sure your car contains no personal items. The D.O.T. does not allow a shipping company to transport personal items located within the vehicle. If you have any loose accessories or contents make sure they are stored securely. We do not insure items within the vehicle that are damaged because of vibration or lack of proper storage. Other than that we will take care of the rest!

Where will my vehicle be dropped off?

We offer delivery to any location that can be accessed by truck, this includes your residential home. If you are looking for a less expensive option, we can also provide terminal services. These services allow you to pick up your vehicle at any one of our chosen terminals. All of our chosen terminals are licensed and insured. This can be a cheaper option compared to our door to door delivery.

What if my vehicle is not running?

We provide inoperative vehicle services. We need to know if your car can steer, brake, and roll. These are the minimum requirements for our normal shipping charge. If your vehicle does not meet this requirement it can be subject to additional charges due to loading time and technique.

How far ahead do I need to book your services?

No matter your circumstances we try to accommodate our customers. We do ask that you book your services at least two weeks in advance. If you need it shipped sooner we do provide options. These generally are subject to an additional service fee.

How much will it cost to transport my vehicle?

Generally speaking it all depends on your circumstances. Give us a call to receive a quick quote, or go online to speak with one of our representatives. We will need to know the details of your vehicle, along with the type of car transport you would like. We offer open flatbed transport and enclosed shipping options. The cheapest and most used service is flatbed transport. We will also need to know if you require door-to-door service or terminal pick up. Terminal pick up can be less expensive. Give us a call or go online for your free quote.

How long will it take to receive my vehicle?

We can ship from the East to West cost in 7-14 days. If you are shipping North to South it will take between 5-7 days. These are estimated times and can vary due to bad weather and the time of season. Your specific location can also be a factor. We always provide our customers with updates on progress and location. Give us a call and we can discuss your needs in more detail. We provide free quotes and on-line service.


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